Your new daily grind.

To get the most flavor out of your spices, your best bet is to buy them whole and grind a small amount right before using them (and you save money by buying in bulk, too). Skip the machines and hand mills with their hard-to-clean crannies that hang on to flavors. Dovetail’s Spice Grinder is an ingenious, simple two-part grinder that lets you grind large, whole spices down to the fineness you need, is super easy to clean and switch out to the next spice you need. A teeny-tiny airhole—the size of a pin—is on both the top and the bottom to let air circulate through the porcelain. And did we mention how good-looking this piece is? Pretty soon, you’ll be buying all your spices whole.

A note: This grinder works only with larger whole spices similar to peppercorns, cloves, cardamom seeds, etc. Smaller spices like cumin and fennel aren't suited for it.