Fry, fry away.

Vintage copper—is there a dreamier sight? Whether it’s a gleaming tea kettle or a well-worn (but well-loved!) gratin dish, copper lends easy, warm elegance to a home, without all the stuffiness. We’ve brought you an assortment of stunning, one-of-a-kind finds from Coppermill Kitchen to add to your collection (you won't find them anywhere else!), exclusive to the Food52 Shop.

This 19th century-style (as in, actually made in the 19th century) fry pan is as sturdy as if it were made yesterday, with a copper rivet-secured iron handle. It even bears its original stamp ("Lewis & Conger New York Made in France") and the number "18" for its size. Pretty nifty, if you ask us.

All items from Coppermill Kitchen are final sale. Items may vary slightly from what is pictured.

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