For pies and so much more.

What is a pie iron, you ask? Well, pull a camp chair up to the fire because here goes: Two cast iron halves fold around your hand pies, breads and sandwiches, burgers or waffles and toast them up beautifully over the open flames or in the coals. You, meanwhile, can grab the long handles at a safe distance from the fire when it’s ready. Oh, the toasted creations you’ll make! Chose from:

  • XL Square: A 5” x 5” x 2” iron that’s perfect for giant sandwiches, tortillas, and quick breads
  • Double: A double-wide for you and a friend to have grilled cheese sandwiches, calzones, fish, or chops.
  • Single burger: Its grill-like ridges give you that classic hamburger stripe, but also allows for fat to drip away.
  • Double burger: Just like the single burger, times 2.