Parmesan Cheese Knife & Grater Set

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Parmesan Cheese Knife & Grater Set
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1.0 Star
Broke after 3 uses
This device is made of stamped thin stainless steel & rod. Reminds me fondly of the Italian kitchen tools from my childhood. Unfortunately, the cover that clamps the cheese in the bin broke free of the handle clamp. It was connected with 3 tiny little spot welds. The spot welds were not done correctly & consequently broke. This type of failure is hard to predict whether this one unit is bad, or every unit that comes from the factory is bad. Regardless, it is poor quality control & now useless after 3 meals. And the knife. The knife is cute, but sharp as a plastic fast food knife. Since the handle is so stubby, it too is useless at cutting Parmesano Reggiano. Frankly I expected Food52 to test their products, this obviously wasn't.
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Submitted on: 9/7/2020 Reviewed by: keithwwalker Option:

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