Lightweight, heavy-duty.

We’ve tried a bunch of different cast iron pans (trust us on this one!), and this one made the cut. Food52 founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs love its modern design, cast from a single, solid piece with a helper handle on one side, and an ever-so-slightly raised ridge on the main handle for easy gripping. Thanks to modern machining techniques, its surface is incredibly smooth and gets more nonstick over time (but don’t worry, you’ll still get that perfect cast iron sear and sizzle). Whether you’re using it at home on the stove or over the coals outdoors, your wrists will thank you: Field skillets are made with a thinner gauge iron so it’s 25–50% lighter than most cast-iron cookware with the same durability. And about that durability: This is a pan you’ll be passing down to your grandkids—it’s guaranteed for life.