Simmer, braise and stew.

Forget the heaving and hoisting. These Dutch ovens are incredibly lightweight thanks to their anodized aluminum bodies. Aluminum, you ask? You betcha. They’re oven-safe up to 600ºF (yep), metal utensil safe, and toxin-free, thanks to their 100% natural ceramic nonstick surface. We’re talking no lead, no cadmium, no PFAS or PFOA—and they won't blister, peel or release toxic fumes even if heated up to 850°F (unlike many nonstick pots or pans). This gives them the ability to braise and stew like cast iron, without breaking your wrists—they’re 50% lighter than cast iron, to be precise. Also, the cast aluminum lid features a self-basting stainless steel bottom designed to concentrate flavorful juices, which is ideal for hearty stews, simmering soups, tasty roasts or delicious braises. You can even bake bread in it! Plus, since aluminum is extremely conductive, you can keep the flames low and use wayyy less energy. And the cherry on top? It’s completely dishwasher safe.

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