Felt festive.

Who doesn’t love a tiny, downy ornament made from multicolored tufts of natural wool? Hold any of these gems in the palm of your hand, and you'll see how each teensy detail is the result of careful fiber craft. Each cute-as-can-be set is designed by the lovely Jocelyn Krodman of Petitfelt (we're especially fond of those woodland cuties). Snap up these Food52 exclusives for yourself, or gift 'em to someone you really like.

The mushroom set includes 1 yellow mushroom, 1 grey polka mushroom, 1 brown top mushroom, 1 white top mushroom, and 1 white polka mushroom.

The woodland set includes 1 snail, 1 owl, 1 fox, and 1 bunny.

The farm animals set includes 1 cow, 1 chicken, and 1 pig.