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Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit

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Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit
3.33 Stars / 3 Reviews

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1.0 Star
Didn't work
The basil barely came up and didn't amount to anything, not enough to pick even once. This was a gift but the receiver will use the glass for another purpose at least.
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Submitted on: 10/11/2020 Reviewed by: Nancy C. Option: Basil
4.0 Stars
Makes it fun to grow kitchen garden
This product has perfect style for my kitchen and was fun to maintain and grow. I tried the basil and mint. Not sure if it was the seed provided, but the plants grew very spinally and the stalks did not have enough strength to hold the leaves up so it all drooped. Still look great but wasn't able to really use the herbs. Good news, I'll try again with new seeds.
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Submitted on: 8/19/2020 Reviewed by: karen Option: Mint
5.0 Stars
Looks great and easy to grow
4 weeks in and I'm already using my basil. I love that you can use over and over again, growing other herbs when my basil runs it's course. Fun to do too.
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Submitted on: 6/8/2020 Reviewed by: karen Option: Basil

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