Demeyere Aluminum Nonstick Perfect Pan, 3.2QT

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The century-old and family-run Demeyere is known for keeping its eyes on the future, as its stainless steel, ovenproof cookware is compatible with more than just electric stovetops (induction, halogen, ceramic, you name it). Made in Belgium, aka EU headquarters, it's only natural that its pared-down aesthetic makes them a standard pick for chefs all over Europe.
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Demeyere Aluminum Nonstick Perfect Pan, 3.2QT
3.33 Stars / 3 Reviews

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5.0 Stars
Perfect Size for 1-2 serving cooking
It is relatively lightweight (compared to carbon steel pans) and while it is still a little hard for me to tip it over to get the stuff out for long periods of time, it is perfectly doable for like a few seconds. Since my arms are just super weak, I don't blame the pan. The size is very perfect and the curvature on the wall are also the perfect height for tir-frying. I can also use it for steaming and boiling. It works great and is pretty. The only down side is it doesn't come with a lid. But you can easily by a universal lid for it. regarding the comment about induction stove top, you are NOT supposed to use aluminum on there. It just doesn't work. So you shouldn't have bought this pan for that. Don't blame the pan.
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Submitted on: 9/10/2020 Reviewed by: DemiChang Option:
4.0 Stars
Good for anything
Just broke my new pan in making a creamy leek, asparagus and potato soup. It was just the right size, and the sauteed veggies were cooked to perfection.
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Submitted on: 6/15/2020 Reviewed by: Mary F. Option:
1.0 Star
Demeyere perfect pan
Didn’t work so well on my induction stove top. I had it on the larger element and it kept going off, I moved it to the smaller one and it worked, but I had it on the highest setting for it to brown the meat properly. It never seemed to heat up like my stainless steel or cast iron pans.... I don’t recommend this for induction stove tops.
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Submitted on: 5/30/2020 Reviewed by: [email protected] Option:

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