Borosilicate Glass Bean Pot with Lid, 1.5QT

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Bennington, VT
Founded in the late 1970’s by Alain Karyo, an artist and student of modern architecture, Catamount Glassware originally made products for science labs. That’s why (lucky for us) their kitchen tools are still made from sturdy-as-anything borosilicate glass—all flame, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.
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Borosilicate Glass Bean Pot with Lid, 1.5QT
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3 Stars
Loved! Until..
I used this pot all the time because I loved the look and the size. But one night I used it and I guess the heat was too high for it on my electric stove..the food burned and cracked the bottom of the pot! I would recommend this product, just don’t use heat on high :(
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Submitted on: 10/3/2019 Reviewed by: Veronica
5 Stars
Bought for its Beauty
Works well in the oven. I am still treating it delicately because it is glass which is thin. But boy, is it pretty.
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Submitted on: 6/14/2019 Reviewed by: Patrice S.

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