Shake things up.

Dreamed up by world-renowned bartender Charles Joly, this cocktail set is everything you need to be your own mixologist (hip mustache, optional). It’s coming with four tools that’ll have you ready for action, whether you’re prepping a margarita or a bellini.

Tools include:

  • Boston shaker: That silhouette is a bartender favorite, with two stainless-steel pieces that seal extra tightly to curb spills. It’s also got a midcentury-inspired double-band details for extra grip, plus markers inside for common drink measurements.
  • 2-ounce jigger: This one’s also gleaming in stainless steel, with a beak-shaped spout for picture-perfect pouring, plus handy measurements right on the inside.
  • Hawthorne strainer: See that heavy coil spring? It’ll make sure only the good stuff makes it into your glass.
  • Muddler: Crafted from rich black walnut, it’s got a flat bottom and just-right shape for muddling your fruits and herbs without mashing them.

Snag the whole lineup, and you’ll have a winning gift for anyone who likes to tinker with drink recipes (or an A+ addition to your bar cart). Eyeing that shaker? You can get it all on its own, too.