For your outdoor (or indoor) oasis.

Inspired by the lanterns that hang over Mediterranean bazaars, these luminescent beauts add a festive, yet sophisticated touch to any space. Are they paper, or are they fabric? Neither—ultra-durable punched Tyvek® fabric looks like paper but is so much stronger. These lanterns are versatile enough to show off their beauty outdoors, but also look just as elegant indoors. Want to customize the ambience with dimmable lighting? Opt for the handy dimmer cord and voila!

Lantern & Indoor/Outdoor Cord comes with one 18"D lantern and one 15' plug-in cord for indoor/outdoor use. Lightbulb not included.

Lantern & Indoor/Outdoor Cord + Dimmer comes with one 18"D lantern, one 15' plug-in cord for indoor/outdoor use plus a dimmer cord for indoor use. Lightbulb not included.