Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to get just right. Case in point? Our brand-new mixing bowls. We set out to make these French kitchen classics more useful and beautiful than ever before. And after 34,500 of your thoughtful opinions, we were pretty sure we'd nailed it: ultra-durable stoneware with hand-painted design details, a pour spout and a wider, more shallow profile (so you have a little room to move). But it was a community member’s follow-up idea that truly made our bowls sing: a rounded interior for better whisking and easier pouring, combined with an angled exterior that’s easy to hold. Brilliant, right?

The whole process took more than one year to refine, but the results are worth it. Our trio of batter-pouring, marinade-whisking, popcorn-cradling stunners is here to thrill you:

  • Sturdy stoneware: Like Goldilocks, 65% of our community requested a just-right weight—we used stoneware for its dishwasher-safe durability (but it’s still light enough to hold in the crook of your arm).
  • A lower, wider shape: 73% of you asked us to update the traditional tall-and-wide bowl, so we spread things out a bit. Get both hands in, see what you’re working with—now you can.
  • Easy to mix, easy to hold: We went with an unlikely combo: a rounded interior for better mixing, plus an angular exterior and rim for gripping, with a sturdy footprint that won’t wobble while you whisk. It was trickier to manufacture, but so worth it.
  • The pour spout you asked for: Nearly two-thirds of you (that’s 65%!) put your hands in the air for it—wish granted. Batter-to-pan transitions have never been so smooth.
  • Three sizes that stack up: We made our bowls in small (1QT), medium (2QT), and large (4QT) so you’re covered for every cooking and baking task (they double nicely as serving bowls, too).
  • Two custom glazes: Some of you asked for a shiny finish, while others requested something more muted—so we decided to do both. Our satin-matte finish is non-slip and scratch resistant, while the gloss is shiny like a new penny (but holds up like a dream against any utensil).
  • Vintage-inspired details: Each off-white bowl has a pair of hand-painted stripes in our signature Five Two blue. Very French, very us—and soon, very you too.