Seal of approval.

Just when we were looking for a vacuum-seal canister that could keep our pantry staples bursting with flavor, these wonders swooped in to save the day. Here’s how they work: Twist the silicone-lined lid to suck air out, watch the little indicator dot drop, and say hello to locked-in freshness that sticks around for up to 50% longer. Need to get inside? Just press the middle button to unlock. Pick the stainless steel ones when you need to keep sunlight out, and reach for the glass ones when you want an easy peek at what’s inside.

0.4 L Canister: 5.25" D x 4.50" H; Holds up to 6 oz of coffee beans.
0.7 L Canister: 5.25" D x 6.25" H; Holds up to 10 oz of coffee beans.
1.2 L Canister: 5.25" D x 8.00" H; Holds up to 16 oz of coffee beans.