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Unpaper Towels (Set of 15) OLD

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Unpaper Towels (Set of 15) OLD
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2.0 Stars
these are handy to just grab and use but they don't absorb as quickly as a paper towel or the reusable paper (cellulose) towel you sell. Instead it creates little beads on the counter that end up getting pushed around into smaller and smaller beads. I'm hoping with more washings this will improve.
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Submitted on: 1/3/2020 Reviewed by: sandyb3 Option:
4.0 Stars
Attractive and Useful
These are great for cleaning up kitchen messes without showing stains. While I still use paper towels for some things, these towels are helping me cut down on waste. If they were a bit more absorbent, they'd be perfect.
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Submitted on: 12/29/2019 Reviewed by: jb Option:
4.0 Stars
Gorgeous Napkins
It's true that these aren't really absorbent enough for big spills, but they work fine for small pick-ups. And they make beautiful napkins. That's what we use them as. They are beautifully made and don't wrinkle coming out of the wash.
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Submitted on: 12/27/2019 Reviewed by: Geoff B. Option:

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