Modern Danish Kitchen Timer

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Modern Danish Kitchen Timer
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3.0 Stars
This timer is the best looking timer I have ever seen. It is perfect in my kitchen which is all white and Carrera marble. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed the first time I used it. The ringer is so quiet and short that I actually did not hear it and I was in my kitchen the whole time cooking hard boiled eggs. Thankfully I was keeping track of the time and found that the timer had gone off. Unless you are right next to the timer at the time it goes off, it is not a reliable timing device. Something louder and longer would be better.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 3/23/2020 Reviewed by: Debby Option: White
1.0 Star
Do Not Buy!
Removed from box—doesn’t work. When time is up and ticking stops there is no ring. Cheap! Made in China! Spend money elsewhere.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 3/13/2020 Reviewed by: Amy Option: Black

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