A wow-worthy lineup.

Looks? Check. Function? You bet. Super storage skills? Yep, this lineup’s got it all. It comes with four essentials to cover all your bases: a sauté pan, saucepan, and Dutch oven (all with lids), plus a fry pan—which, fun fact, is sized just-right for that Dutch oven lid. Every piece is sporting a pretty hue, to be sure, but there’re lots of clever details, too. Think: handles that save a seat for your wooden spoon, lids that sit perfectly upright when upside-down, nonstick and non-toxic ceramic interiors...they’re even induction-friendly and oven-safe.

And we haven’t even gotten to what space-savers they are. This cookware set comes complete with magnetic racks that line right up on a shelf, plus a handy lid organizer you can pop right onto the back of a cabinet door. But we won’t blame you if you wanna leave these beauts out for all to see.