Always in bloom.

Looking for a bundle that’s ripe and ready for gift-giving? You may fancy one of the hand-assembled bouquets.

  • Spring Bouquet: A mix of 1 yellow peony, 2, peach peonies, 1 wildflower, 2 yellow billy buttons, 2 eucalyptus stems all wrapped up and ready for gifting.
  • Zinnia Bouquet: A sunset-inspired assortment with 3 rust zinnias and 3 peach zinnias.
  • Light and Bright Bouquet: A bundle that’s flaunting lovely blush and peach tones, with 1 eucalyptus, 1 light pink cherry blossom, 1 white yellow wildflower, 1 dusty pink blooming rose, 1 peach allium, 1 dusty pink apinia, and 1 white anemone.
  • Cherry Blossom Bouquet: A blend of 1 deep pink cherry blossom, 1 white cherry blossom, and 1 light pink cherry blossom that’s brimming with early-spring flair.
  • Peach Bouquet: A peach-toned mix with 1 peach peony, 1 natural wildflower, 1 moss green harvest leaf, 1 billy button, and 1 white lavender.
  • Citrus Eucalyptus Bouquet: A sunny medley with 1 orange wildflower, 1 yellow allium, 1 eucalyptus, 1 white apinia, 1 orange apinia, 1 white cherry blossom, and 1 yellow daffodil.