Always in bloom.

Find a sprig that’ll last longer than these lookalikes...we’ll wait. Each stem you see has been dyed, cut, and stitched by hand from felted wool, all by female artisans in Nepal (yep, they’re fair trade). They’re coming in buckets of blooms to pick from, too—we’re talking sunflowers, peonies, tea roses, alliums, and lotus, plus jade stems, billy buttons, lavender, and eucalyptus—so you can create your own colorful bouquet.

Looking for a bundle that’s ripe and ready for gift-giving? You may fancy one of the hand-assembled bouquets.

  • Zinnia Bouquet: A sunset-inspired assortment with 3 rust zinnias and 3 peach zinnias.
  • Light and Bright Bouquet: A bundle that’s flaunting lovely blush and peach tones, with 1 eucalyptus, 1 light pink cherry blossom, 1 white yellow wildflower, 1 dusty pink blooming rose, 1 peach allium, 1 dusty pink apinia, and 1 white anemone.
  • Cherry Blossom Bouquet: A blend of 1 deep pink cherry blossom, 1 white cherry blossom, and 1 light pink cherry blossom that’s brimming with early-spring flair.
  • Peach Bouquet: A peach-toned mix with 1 peach peony, 1 natural wildflower, 1 moss green harvest leaf, 1 billy button, and 1 white lavender.
  • Citrus Eucalyptus Bouquet: A sunny medley with 1 orange wildflower, 1 yellow allium, 1 eucalyptus, 1 white apinia, 1 orange apinia, 1 white cherry blossom, and 1 yellow daffodil.