A real glow-getter.

We’re not sure we’ve met a more eye-catching flashlight. This one’s brimming with vintage-inspired details, to be sure (exhibit A: that Edison-esque wire cage at the front). But it’s got modern flair, too, thanks to a few extra perks.

  • Rechargeable: This one’s ready to go again and again thanks to the included USB cable—perfect since we have a feeling you’ll be keeping it at the ready.
  • Long-lasting glow: It's sporting an LED bulb that’ll shine bright for longer.
  • 2 kinds of shine: That bulb we mentioned? It’s got two brightness settings for a custom glow.
  • Adjustable beam: Slide the head up or down, and your beam will become as wide or narrow as you fancy.
  • Water resistant: Yep—it’s ready for your outdoor adventures.

Wanna keep that glow going? Pair your flashlight with the optional portable charger, and you’ll never be left in the dark.