A fresh take on food storage.

The secret to longer-lasting foods? Turns out it’s giving them a hug...with these handy silicone savers. Just press your tomato, lemon, whatever you’re preserving into the saver until it touches the silicone bottom, and voilà—you’ve got an airtight seal that’ll keep it fresh as can be. These dynamos come in a spread of shapes and sizes for tasks big and small, and since they’re totally reusable (they’re even dishwasher-friendly!), you can bid farewell to foil and plastic wrap. They aren’t just for fruits and veg, either. We’re popping ‘em on our glasses, bottles, cans, sticks of butter...well, we’ll let you dream up the possibilities.

This set comes with eight snappy savers:

  • a 5-piece set with—you guessed it—five nesting sizes ranging from mini to extra-large;
  • 2 citrus savers (one small, one medium) especially for your lemons, limes, and cucumbers;
  • plus a butter hugger to protect that precious stick between uses.

In case all of that wasn’t sweet enough, you’ll be happy to hear that these wonders are 100% microwave- and freezer-safe, and free of BPA and phthalates, too. Impressed? We thought so.