Fry, fry again.

See that turmeric-colored skillet? It’s brand-new, and it fits right in with this bright cookware collection.

  • Slick as they come: This pan’s got an enameled interior that’s ready to fry eggs, sear fish, and brown meat right from the get-go, no seasoning needed.
  • Versatile as all get-out: It’ll shine on any stovetop (yep, it’s induction-compatible), slide right into a 500°F oven...oh, and put on a show at the table, too.
  • A master multitasker: Those high sides and that 11-inch diameter make this workhorse a shoo-in for morning eggs, weekend roasts, peach cobbler, fried chicken...we could keep going...
  • Aces at retaining heat: You can say hello to more evenly cooked food, thanks to that heavyweight cast iron.
  • Oh-so durable: See the colorful enamel coating on the outside? Sure, it’s coming in a slew of happy hues, but it also happens to be resistant to chips, cracking, and discoloration.
  • A piece of French heritage: All this, from a French maker who’s been crafting high-quality enameled cast-iron cookware in the Alsace region since 1974.