Raise your chopping game.

This is more than your average chopping block, and for so many reasons. Shall we count ‘em?

  • Handy knife storage: Once you’re done slicing and dicing, just slide your knife into the slot underneath, and built-in magnets will keep it in place.
  • Beautifully made: It’s completely handcrafted from end-grain maple wood by a family-owned business in Vermont.
  • Timeless: See that design? JK Adams reached way back into the archives to get it (we’re talking 75 years back).
  • Perfectly portable: This one’s standing on four lil’ feet, so it’s a snap to move here and there.
  • Standing tall: Those feet we talked about? They’ll help your cutting board steer clear of countertop spills, too.
  • Sizes aplenty: It’s coming in shapes for any which task—a square bar board for your lemons and limes, a medium board for everyday prep work, and a large rectangle for serious multitaskers.