Prep your dressing & pour it too.

Heads up: Due to limited studio access, this handmade item may take a little time to ship. (It's well worth the wait—trust us.)
We love ourselves a freshly whisked vinaigrette. And now that it can all come together in one gorgeous dish? We’re utterly giddy. This salad dresser is completely handmade from brown stoneware clay, with—wait for it—a grate etched right into the bottom for all your garlic. Just rub a clove, or a scrap of ginger or onion, back and forth to create a paste, then add your oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, and...well, we’ll leave it up to your imagination. (Take a peek at this handy dressing guide for a few thought starters.) Give it all a good stir, then all that’s left is to take this stunner to the table for the grand reveal.

Oh, and tip: The fun doesn’t stop at lettuce. We’re turning to this gem when it’s time to whip up guacamole, too.