When we decided to give classic wooden spoons the Five Two treatment, we asked thousands of you: What do you love about your favorite spoon? You told us about how it does everything, lasts for generations, and has a place in your most treasured kitchen memories. We listened, learned…then, with our signature design expertise, we elevated your go-to tool.

Your trustiest single kitchen tool is now five, each made by hand, with its own area of expertise:
1) The Mix Master: A classic spoon for muffin-batter stirring, risotto creaminess-enhancing, you name it. We made ours a little deeper for serving, too.
2) The 2-in-1: A multi-talented spoon with one side for mixing and stirring, plus a mini for taste-tasting and impromptu measuring (it doles out a tablespoon-ish).
3) The Big Dipper: A slotted design for everything from hard-boiling eggs to air-lifting olives out of their brine.
4) The Corner-Getter: A flat-edged helper that gets every last bit of jam from the jar (or pasta from the pot).
5) The Flip & Scrape: A turner-meets-scraper for pan deglazing (corners, handled) and delicate flipping (tender fish filets, still intact).

They all share the same well-thought-out details. Each one is artisan-crafted in teak—a lightweight yet sturdy wood that’s also one of the most water-resistant (it’s used on boats for just this reason). We designed smooth, tapered handles with extra length for better reach across stovetops. Each spoon has handy scraping edges, so it can get into every nook and cranny of your pots—and loosen up all those brown bits while you’re deglazing pans. And we incorporated vintage details, like the pattern on our slotted spoon and the subtle engravings on each handle, so it'll feel like you've been together forever.