Features Include:

  • 100% New Zealand wool: Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and handmade, Five Two dryer balls are solid wool all the way through—they’ll wick away moisture and can withstand high heat.
  • A new & improved size: The 3.5” diameter (think: a navel orange) helps each dryer ball absorb even more water so it can dry clothes faster. Plus, the extra-large size means they’re easier to keep track of.
  • A smoother surface: We used non-nubby, hand-felted wool that’s less likely to stick to fabrics or get lost in your laundry.
  • Our signature palette: Every Five Two product is designed with purpose—and that goes for our color choices, too. In mellow shades of blue, tan, and blush, our dryer balls look just as nice off-duty, perched in a basket.
  • Fair-Trade Certified: We believe in supporting independent artisans around the world. Five Two dryer balls are handmade in Nepal by women who are earning an independent income and sharing their traditional crafting techniques.

So what are dryer balls, anyway?

If you’re not already acquainted, let us bring you into the fold—the softest, fluffiest fold ever:

  • They’re quick-dry marvels... Start with three dryer balls and your laundry will dry about 25% faster. Add more, and the whole thing happens even quicker.
  • Clean, green machines... Dryer balls are an eco-friendly swap for fabric softener and dryer sheets, which often contain potentially toxic chemicals that can coat your laundry and irritate skin. If you’d like to add in some scent, dab a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the dryer balls, and they’ll share the fragrance as they spin.
  • Wrinkle smoothers... Dryer balls keep wet clothes from bunching together, and the more your clothes move, the less wrinkly they’ll come out!
  • Lint and static zappers... While they soak up moisture and heat, they create a mild humidity within your dryer that keeps clothes from over-drying (which can lead to static cling and lint). You’ll feel the difference in your clothes, and see the difference in your lint trap.
  • Softness boosters... The dryer balls’ gentle friction on every fiber helps relax the fabric until...voila! Everything feels softer to the touch.
  • Long-lasting spin-cycle pals.... Dryer balls can be used over and over and over again—for up to 1,000 loads. (If you do a load of laundry every single day, they’ll last more than 2 1/2 years!)