Take a load off.

A weighted blanket? Yep. We’re big fans of this wonder, and for so many reasons. For starters, it lays on gentle, even pressure, which we hear can boost sleep or even lower anxiety. (Devotees report that it can help with chronic pain too.) Then, there’s the magic hiding inside. Instead of the usual glass pearls, this one’s filled with thousands of tiny crystals—amethyst to relieve stress and lend a little extra calm, plus clear quartz for its all-around natural healing perks. It's also sized just-right for lounging, napping, meditating, you name it (think: more personal-blanket-sized than a bedspread). Oh, and we haven’t even gotten to how plush it is: The removable, machine-washable cover is 100% microfiber, with an oh-so-soft feel that’ll have you canceling all your day plans.

Snag whichever weight sounds dreamiest:

  • 15 pounds is best for those 100 to 170 pounds
  • 20 pounds is your go-to if you’re 170 to 240 pounds