Stackable. Strong. Sized just right. Our Italian-made Five Two glassware is designed to save space in cupboards the world over. In two essential sizes you can depend on each and every day, they’ll also stand by for mixed drinks or dessert—and even make an impromptu flower vase. Here’s to the most versatile glassware on the planet…

  • Durability: Hundreds of you said you wanted something that wouldn’t break or chip too easily. We chose a high-quality glass in a thicker silhouette that can stand up under pressure and stacking.

  • Gently tapered shape: We molded our glasses to fit comfortably in your hand. They also have a weighted base so they’re harder to knock over.

  • Two can-do sizes: The tall glass is your everyday go-to for water, iced tea, or smoothies, while the shorter number looks right at home serving wine, cocktails, or even dessert.

  • Stackable by design: Because 62% of our community said this topped their list, both sizes stack up tall to give you extra cupboard clearance.

  • Crafted in Italy: Look closely and you’ll see no two laser etched lines are the same—it’s a nod to the vintage-inspired touches we love. Made by a family-run factory in Italy, each design is one-of-a-kind.