Keep the sunshine going.

Your backyard may not be the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, but it’ll certainly feel like it with these gems lighting up the scene (they’re inspired by the ornate lanterns in Mediterranean markets, after all). The lamps are fashioned from oh-so durable Tyvek—a fabric-paper blend that’s ready to weather the outdoors year-round—with holes punched all over to create those lovely diamond patterns you see. Oh, and get this: Each comes with a rechargeable AAA battery and a solar panel built right in, so you can say “see ya” to cords.

Hang yours in a sunny spot with a little help from the sturdy stainless steel hardware, then let the LEDs inside give off a cozy glow. (You can even set those bulbs to turn on automatically at night.) After that, all that’s left is to kick back in your new favorite spot at home.