Made from 100% organic cotton, our multipurpose produce bags are stepping in for the single-use plastic versions you find in grocery stores or green markets. In two versatile weaves and three sizes, they hold everything from fruits and veggies to nuts and freshly-baked loaves—and work as extra helpers around the house, too. Consider them your shopping sidekicks, all-around fridge organizers, snack chauffeurs, and pantry de-clutterers. They’re washable, reusable, and ultra-sturdy—faithful eco-friends for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

  • Hold everything: Made from breathable cotton, our bags are designed to last and last, helping you do your part for the Earth. That organic grey dye (voted on by our community!) is practical for everyday, camouflages spills, and then cleans up easily in the wash. We even added tare weights on the labels for easy reference.

  • They do triple duty: Covering all your bases in three can-do sizes, they’re also here in two weaves (a net weave like a French market tote and a close-weave cloth bag for smaller items). The final touch: The double pull drawstrings 81% of you requested cinch everything up.

  • And infinite storage possibilities: Here to go beyond fridge and pantry organization, they’ll stow snacks, toys, toiletries and more at home and on-the-go, and stash your laundry accessories so they’re always at hand. (Pro tip: Spritz the close-weave version with water to keep herbs and veggies fresher longer in the fridge.)