Oh, the possibilities.

This stockpot-and-basket duo may be pint-sized, but it has a lot of talent. The pot itself is built from 3-ply stainless steel (read: quick to warm up and a pro at distributing heat). And the mesh basket? It’s stainless, too, with an easy-grab handle for no-fuss draining. Also known as an asparagus steamer, we’d say the term “overachiever” is more spot-on. How we’re using it…

  • Blanche veg: It’ll cook asparagus to perfection, of course (it’s designed to boil those thicker bottoms while steaming the more delicate tops). But we love it for green beans, broccoli, and new potatoes, too.
  • Boil eggs: Hard-boiled eggs? You got it. The basket makes it a snap to drop ‘em into an ice bath when they’re done.
  • Simmer stock: Pop leftover bones and veggies into the basket, simmer it all for a few hours, pull the insert out, and voilà, you’ve got a mini batch of stock.
  • Prep pasta: No colander needed here—that insert has all the straining handled.
  • Can pickles & jams: Small-batch canning? It makes quick work of that, too.
  • Steam mussels & clams: A sea-inspired dinner for two, coming right up.
  • Deep-fry, well, anything: For smaller servings of fries, chicken, cauliflower, you name it, this one’s our go-to.