Here’s why we love it:

  • An extra-deep juice groove: One side features the juice groove that almost 6,000 of you asked for—it was our #1 write-in request. We made ours extra-deep, with a well and a pour spout at the corner (ideal for sauces and stocks).
  • A clever phone slot: This feature was our innovation, and we put it through 4 rounds of prototyping until we got it just right. It lets your smartphone stand tall, giving you quick, easy access to notes and recipes. (It also helps keep eggs from rolling away.)
  • Sized to perfection: Two-thirds of you told us that size is the most important feature of a cutting board, so we made ours with a generous surface area that's large enough for carving. We also gave the other side ample chopping space (and it’s great for serving up charcuterie).
  • Just-right thickness: It’s sturdy enough for vigorous chopping, and it won't slip and slide on your counter (something 47% of you requested)—but it’s also lightweight and portable for serving, with easy-to-grip tapered edges so you can pick it up effortlessly.