Get to know our cookware—we took time to get the little details right:

Multiple sizes to suit your needs: Will it be the 8-inch for your morning eggs, the 10-inch to sauté veggies for two, or the 12-inch with room to caramelize onions? Or there’s always the option for a full set...
A diamond-tough nonstick coating: Our pans’ non-toxic ceramic coating is infused with diamonds, so it’s extra-tough and won’t blister or peel. In fact, these gems are even oven-friendly up to 600°F for when you need a quick run under the broiler. You should still use low or medium heat on the stovetop to preserve your pan’s nonstick properties.
Fully clad, tri-ply stainless steel construction: Each design is an ultra-sturdy 3mm thick with a stable base, thanks to two layers of stainless steel plus an evenly heating aluminum core (read: no hot spots).
Glass lids...but better: 57% of our community members asked for them—so we made ours in tempered glass. They’re lightweight, tight-fitting, and oven safe up to 390°F, plus they let you keep an eye on the action without releasing heat and moisture.
Rivet-free, the way to be: Welded-on handles make for an easy-to-clean interior—no buildup, no gunk—and a seamless, modern look.
Stay-cool, non-slip handles: A “V” shape at the base lets air circulate, while the grippy stonewashed finish on that curved handle feels great in your hand.
Anti-yellowing technology: We gave each piece an all-over, heat-resistant treatment that prevents discoloration and keeps your skillet looking good as new.
Made with community and the planet in mind: We work with a manufacturer that’s certified to meet international environmental and ethical standards. They’re reducing carbon dioxide emissions and performing working conditions audits (with certificates like ISO 14001, BSCI, and more to prove it).