Sauté star.

There’s a lot to love about this pan, part of a whole lineup of trusty copper cookware: For starters, it’s got an all-copper exterior, letting it heat up and cool down at lightning speed. Then there’s the stainless-steel lining inside, which is all-foods-friendly and makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze (you won’t even need to re-tin it like you have to with tin-lined copper pieces). Oh, and we haven’t even gotten to its shape—the straight sides are leaving extra room on the bottom of the pan, all while keeping those precious juices inside as you sauté your meat and veg. Top it all off with the stay-cool cast-iron handle, and you’ve got a real workhorse on your hands.

This pan works on all stovetops except for induction (but not to worry—there’s also an induction-compatible version).
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