This calls for a celebration.

We know you can’t stop staring at these copper moulds, but trust us, you’ll want to hear where they came from. They’re vintage through and through, all shined up so they look brand-new. (And you bet they’re ready for more dessert-making.) Take your pick from a whole spread of shapes:

  • French Hen Chocolate Mould, Late 19th Century: This rare bird is still sporting its original clamps—and just got a shiny, new silver lining inside.
  • French Cake Mould, Late 19th Century: Its swoon-worthy shape has whipped up all sorts of small cakes, to be sure. (Use the ring on the side to hang it up between bakes.)
  • Benham & Froud Mould, Mid 19th Century: This larger, tiered beaut was hand-formed in England by famed metal worker Benham & Froud—just look for the trademark orb-and-cross stamp on the side.
  • English Benham & Froud Medium Mould, Mid 19th Century: This crown-shaped mould comes from famed English metal worker Benham & Froud ( could say it’s fit for royalty).
  • English Swirl Mould, Mid 19th Century: Open up a history book about vintage copper, and you’d likely see a mould like this one. It has a rare, yet iconic swirl shape—and we still can’t believe we got our hands on it.
  • English Swirl Moulds, Set of 3, Mid 19th Century: These rare finds have the very same iconic swirl shape you’ll find in history books on vintage copper. (Good things really do come in threes.)
  • English Canelé Moulds, Set of 3, Mid 19th Century: They’re ready to give your canelés a just-right caramelized crust—and we won’t be surprised if you try those dreamy shapes out on a slew of other desserts, too.