Sun, scent & sky.

Leave it to these candles to set the ambience: They're inspired by scenes of summer in California, in scents that’ll remind you of different times of day and the feelings they spark. Each one comes in a custom-printed, '70s-inspired tin (and we can’t get enough of those earth tones). Take your pick from three aromas: Golden Hour, Dusk, and Moonrise.

  • Golden Hour: Mellow, dry, and tranquil, it has notes of Bergamot, hay, and poppy.
  • Dusk: This one’s woody, cool, and earthy, with hints of black pepper, clary sage, palo santo, and blooming iris.
  • Moonrise: It’s balmy, ambiguous, and free, with scents of yuzu, Indian jasmine, and smoked cedarwood.