Printed Gift Holiday Ribbon

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Toronto, Canada
Everything in this shop is handmade in Toronto by Heather Shaw and her team of supporting designers. They work out of a coach house studio behind a Victorian home in the heart of downtown Toronto. They endeavor to make things carefully and responsibly and hope that each item will be passed down to future generations as family heirlooms .
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Printed Gift Holiday Ribbon
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4.0 Stars
This is exactly what I needed for the season and making wrapping packages unique! I would love to see more versions of this product.
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Submitted on: 10/27/2020 Reviewed by: MayorTaylor Option:
5.0 Stars
Ribbons can serve as a lovely, unspoken message of affection, appreciation, joy. Sometimes, it is the smallest of gestures which warm the heart.
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Submitted on: 5/24/2020 Reviewed by: Susan P. Option:

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