Rise and grind.

Café-quality coffee is yours when you let this grinder give you a head start. It’s tailor-made to crush beans for brewed joe, from pour-over and cold brew to French press. And don’t even get us started on all the perks. (More on those in Details.)

  • Single-dose loading: The hopper is sized for a single batch, so you’ll only ever work with the freshest of beans. (We also love the smaller footprint.)
  • Pro-level strength: This one has 64-millimeter, professional-grade flat burrs inside.
  • Options, options: There’s 31 grind settings and a handy guide on the lid, ready to help you prep a picture-perfect cup.
  • No scale needed: You can put the scale away—the catch doubles as a measuring cup, with markings inside for 20, 40, 60, and 80 grams of beans.
  • Smart as can be: It’s whisper quiet so you don’t have to wake up the neighbors, plus it automatically stops on its own.
  • See ya, messes: The catch magnetically aligns itself to prevent spills, while the built-in knocker helps you get every last grind.