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Oscar Drinks, Desserts & (Most Importantly) Dresses

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We were so smitten with this mashup of drinks, desserts, and classic Oscar dresses from last year, we felt it was fitting to revisit. Happy Oscar viewing!

liz taylor  roman punch
Liz Taylor, 1961 + Nineteenth Century Roman Punch by amanda

Let's face it: the Oscars aren't really about the movies. The night itself is a spectacle -- a place where our favorite movie stars come out to play, in all of their weird, fabulous, bedazzled glory. Lucky for us, in the last 84 years, these characters have really done it up, providing both the epitome of endearing class and some of the worst outfit choices we've ever seen.

So this year, we're offering you a different way to celebrate Oscar night -- by paying homage to the best and worst of red carpet style. From Audrey to Gwyneth, Barbra to Bjork, here are 12 desserts and drinks to commemorate the reason we all really watch the show: cheering and jeering the evening's fashion choices. 

Despite some of the stars' missteps below, we think that the food pairings are all solid 10s.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 1999
Yuzu I zu by Teri 

gwyneth paltrow 


Barbra Striesand, 1969
Chocolate Fantasy Brownie Bites by drbabs

barbra streisand  brownie bites


Celine Dion, 1999
My Favorite Pina Colada by merrill

celine dion  pina colada


Lizzy Gardiner, 1995
Pine Nut Brittle with Rosemary by Ms. T

lizzy gardiner  pine nut brittle with rosemary


Audrey Hepburn, 1954
Meyer Lemon Macarons by DolcettoConfections

audrey hepburn  meyer lemon macaron


Julia Roberts, 2001
Chocolate Bundt Cake by KelseytheNaptimeChef 

julia roberts  chocolate bundt cake


Kate Winslet, 2002
Kentucky Hot Toddy by Table9 

kate winslet  kentucky hot toddy


Halle Berry, 2002
Lemon Pepper Shortbread with Cherry Jam by DolcettoConfections

halle berry  lemon pepper shortbread with cherry jam


Trey Parker & Matt Stone, 2000
Retro Raspberry Lime Rickey by cheese1227

trey parker & matt stone  raspberry lime rickeys


Cher, 1988
Applesauce Cake with Caramel Glaze by merrill

cher  applesauce cake


Bjork, 2001
Nancy Silverton's Whipped Cream from Genius Recipes

bjork  whipped cream


Tags: style, desserts, drinks, cocktails, Oscars, party

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Comments (36)


over 2 years ago Laura Dierks

Fun combos!


over 2 years ago Bevi

I missed this the first time! Great fun!


over 3 years ago Kitchen Butterfly

Don't tire of hearing me say, 'You rock, food52. You rock'. Gorgeous pairings!


over 3 years ago Cookie16

Really fun spread of celeb combinations, but I wished this article has posted a week or before the Oscars, instead of a few days before, when I had already purchased all my Oscar eats and alcohol. I know posting wise, the Oscars may not be on people's mind just yet, but if we're going to be practical about it, it would have helped to be posted a little sooner.

Nevertheless, a really fun article!


over 3 years ago LORI JANE BURNS

fabulous great choices on memorable moments and the culinary match! thank you


over 3 years ago mariaraynal

So fun and smart! New rule for dinner parties: match your ensemble with the menu.


over 3 years ago thirschfeld

I can't believe Fugly Lentils and Drunken Pig wasn't paired.


over 2 years ago AntoniaJames

AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Too funny, Mr H!! ;o)


over 3 years ago cheese1227

This is really visually funny! Kind of like when they say people start to look like their dogs....


over 3 years ago Robin O'D

So glad that one of my favorite new cakes is associated with Cher!


over 3 years ago lorigoldsby

Brillant and cheeky!


over 3 years ago BronaCos

Wonderful pairings!


over 3 years ago LE BEC FIN

I am SUCH a visual person, and I just had the BEST time delighting in these pairings! I was particularly thrilled by the playful eye that caught that Cher analogy. Brilliant!!


over 3 years ago SqueakyChu



over 3 years ago MissBliss

Such fun! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to whip some of these up!


over 3 years ago jenniebgood

These are wonderful - such perfect pairings!


over 3 years ago Sagegreen

This is just too fun. Dress pairings: Brilliant!


over 3 years ago blacksbread

I truly enjoy being wowed by all of you with the intelligence and creativity of your site - this collection is especially brilliant and so much fun ~


over 3 years ago Midge

Love this!


over 3 years ago Waverly

Elenakathryn - fantastic article - so much fun - pairing food with Oscar dresses is a delight. Thanks Food52 for inspiring what is going to be a great night for food AND movies!


over 3 years ago Carafe

How is this site free? Everything about it is so precious and wonderful.


over 3 years ago Phoenix Helix

This is collectively awesome, but I think I'm most impressed with the Halle Berry match. Perfection.


over 3 years ago Fairmount_market

These are just brilliant!


over 3 years ago ATG117

so creative and fun!


over 3 years ago BoulderGalinTokyo

Wonderful pairings--Have to have Oscar Nights all week long!


over 3 years ago mrslarkin

Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

Bjork wins.


over 3 years ago vvvanessa

Wow! Brilliantly researched!


over 3 years ago susan g

Fantastic! I'm not an Oscar watcher, but you have brilliantly brought up the spirit and absurdity, the best and the wurst. So, 'cosmic faux pas' or comic, Elena, you got it just right.


over 3 years ago creamtea

Apparently the "sheerness" of Barbra's pantsuit was due to an effect of the lighting & cameras--not intentional. I saw the Scaasi show last year at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the pantsuit was included in the show with that explanation. It was a cosmic faux pas--er, costume malfunction...


over 3 years ago Panfusine

Brilliant pairings!!! I'm still gasping & reeling at the sheer pattern recognition!


over 3 years ago drbabs

Barbara is a trusted source on General Cooking.

Hilarious! My friend Bridgette Raes is a fashion consultant and author. She does live blogging at the oscars commenting on what people are wearing. It is hilarious. You can google her to find her website and like her on Facebook if you want to spend the evening dishing about clothes and laughing. If you can't find her, message me and I'll send you a link.


over 3 years ago creamtea

ooh, what fun.


over 3 years ago Brianne Du Clos

Oh, this is super fun! Now I'm going to be matching foods to every outfit!


over 3 years ago wanderash

I love the angle on this! Very fun!


over 3 years ago elenakathryn

Thanks, -- serious team effort though! Brilliance all around the FOOD52 staff!


over 3 years ago gingerroot

Elena, this is brilliant!!