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Shaun Hergatt's Family Meal at SHO

November 18, 2009 • 2 Comments



Shaun Hergatt, executive chef at the new SHO in lower Manhattan, is an Australian who makes a classic, slow roasted Southern brisket for his family meals. This recipe truly celebrates the low and slow school of thought on barbeque, and with 16 hours in the oven it requires some foresight, but almost zero hands-on work. Shaun makes this dish because it's inexpensive, his staff loves it, and it's deeply satisfying on a cold winter's night -- all good reasons to make it at home!

The recipe makes a whole brisket, which is a ton of meat (8-16 pounds!) but a cooked brisket is not a bad thing to have on hand. It would be fantastic thinly sliced on a sandwich. Shredded, it could be a base for enchiladas or a hearty pasta sauce. Or, you could go the classic barbeque route, and serve it on a plate with pickles, cornbread, and two sides (macaroni and cheese, collards, coleslaw, or baked beans). And you could always throw a brisket party...


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Ginger Pierce's Family Meal at Five Points

October 14, 2009 • 2 Comments


What the staff eats at restaurants.

Ginger Pierce, the chef de cuisine at Five Points in Manhattan, shares her version of veal Milanese, a traditional Italian dish, substituting chicken for veal to make it wallet friendly (and thus staff appropriate!) without losing any flavor. Enjoy! -Helen

Family meal in restaurants can be a way to honor all of the hardworking employees at the restaurant -- a way for the kitchen to say thanks. Unfortunately, it occurs every day, usually with a busy dinner service looming. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant has probably been victim to some pretty offensive family meals. Most of the time a line cook who is struggling to get a station set up is preparing family meal, and they’re just praying to have something to serve when it’s time. Furthermore, he is often stuck with the same low cost proteins and basic pantry ingredients.


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Baked Apples and Applesauce

October 13, 2009 • 1 Comment


The same ingredients. Two different recipes.


This weekend we went apple-picking in New Jersey. And pumpkin-picking. And cherry tomato-picking. Not to mention, of course, the cider and the doughnuts that found their way into our bags. But back to the apples. Caught up in the beauty of the day, we ended up picking (and buying) 14 pounds of apples. Once we got home, I quickly realized I needed to do something with the ones we weren't planning to snack on over the next couple of weeks. It occurred to me that this was a great opportunity for...nothing other than a Recipe Inside-Out! Below, you'll find a recipe for baked apples and one for applesauce. Hope you enjoy them!

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Lauren Shockey's Family Meal at Carmella Bistro

September 30, 2009 • 3 Comments


What the staff eats at restaurants.

Lauren Shockey (Lauren on food52), a line cook at Carmella Bistro in Tel Aviv, Israel, shares a recipe for a twist on an old standby -- mashed potatoes. Hearty and comforting, they're a perfect fall side. -Helen

Flame-roasted eggplants are a staple of Israeli and Mediterranean food, and also a fixture at Carmella Bistro in Tel Aviv, the restaurant where I am currently working. While usually served whole drizzled with tahini or pureed to make baba ganoush, at the restaurant, we add roasted eggplant pulp to mashed potatoes. Everyone likes mashed potatoes, but let’s be honest, they can get a little boring. That’s why roasted eggplant mashed potatoes are great; they are lightly smoky in taste and possess a depth not usually associated with the starchy spuds.


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Jessica Wilson's Family Meal at A Voce

September 16, 2009 • 0 Comments


What the staff eats at restaurants.

Jessica Wilson, sous chef at the new A Voce at Columbus Circle, brings us a recipe that takes advantage of seasonal flavors and decadent restaurant scraps. While you probably don't have ahi tuna trimmings at home, this salad is well worth the purchase. -Helen

When there are good leftovers, making family meal is a dream. We often have really beautiful ahi tuna scraps, but one can make only so much tuna tartar before the mere suggestion of raw fish is met with groans. So, quickly seared tuna atop a bright salad it is. 

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J Guerrero's Family Meal at Prune

September 2, 2009 • 4 Comments


How the staff eats at restaurants.

J Guerrero, a sous chef at Prune, is somewhat famous for his family meals. Here, he gives us a recipe for a new take on baked eggs that fully embraces the need for a hands-off breakfast dish, although I would argue for serving this dish as a light lunch or dinner. Easily adaptable, this is one to make a standard. -Helen

Prepping for any service means your body is occupied with completing a set list of tasks — rolling out pasta, making an aioli, cooking bacon — but your mind is free to consider what to eat. Family meals are split up among the various services at Prune: the person working lunch makes breakfast, the daytime prep person makes lunch, and the dinner crew makes dinner.

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Sweet Corn, Bacon, Basil and Chili

August 20, 2009 • 4 Comments


The same ingredients. Two different recipes.

- Merrill

This Recipe Inside Out was inspired by an impromptu fried corn dish I made one night last week to go with simple roast chicken legs and a tomato and cucumber salad. We'd been eating boatloads of corn on the cob from the greenmarket with butter, salt and pepper, so I thought it was time to shake things up a bit. The fried corn, which involved bacon, basil and red chili flakes, went over so well that it occurred to me that I might have success using the same flavors to make a cold corn soup. And, what do you know: it worked!

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