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Adam Baumgart's Family Meal at Amy's Bread

August 19, 2009 • 2 Comments


How the staff eats at restaurants.

Just two weeks ago, Adam shared with us his great recipe for Carnitas with Tomatillo Salsa, but things in the restaurant world change quickly, and he's now a bread baker at Amy's Bread. We got to talking, and he pointed out that there are some differences between family meals at restaurants and bakeries, so I asked him to do another family meal post. He obliged with a recipe for pizza dough that highlights the precision of professional baking -- and the need for a kitchen scale! -Helen

Bakers get up too early to eat breakfast, and as the work is intensely physical, we need something to get us through the early morning (or late night).  Snacks of left over pastry or bread get unappealing (and unhealthy) very quickly, but of course, there’s always dough.

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Adam Baumgart's Family Meal at Seasonal

August 5, 2009 • 1 Comment


How the staff eats at restaurants.

Adam Baumgart, chef de cuisine at Seasonal restaurant in Manhattan, shares his favorite family meal, Carnitas with Tomatillo Salsa. Adam uses the low-and-slow method for cooking the pork shoulder, with deliciously tender results. A veteran of many a fancy New York kitchen, Adam turns out family meals that are truly memorable. -Helen

A good family meal is talked about all week -- looking forward to it gets everyone through a Saturday service (always the craziest day of the week). A great family meal requires the collaboration of the cooks and the homesick porters from Mexico, getting everyone invested. One of my favorite ways to do this is making carnitas. As most restaurant kitchens don’t have a Mexican pantry, some special shopping is required, and the porters are usually enthusiastic about picking up queso fresco and fresh tortillas, and then providing many opinions about the correct garnish for the pork.

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Cali Rivera's Family Meal at Gramercy Tavern

July 22, 2009 • 1 Comment


How the staff eats at restaurants.

Cali Rivera, line cook at Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan, and native of Honduras, shares one of his most dependable (and delicious) family meal dishes. His Tortilla Espanola recipe is a great starting point, allowing you to use whatever you have on hand to bulk it up. It's successful as a main dish or as a side, hot or cold. -Helen

Family meal is an endless challenge. While the meal itself is informal, the pressure to create an interesting dish for discerning restaurant folk, only using available odd cuts and pantry basics, can get overwhelming. In the many family meals I have prepared there is one guiding principle: less is more. Naturally, I am not talking about quantity- everyone is always hungry when a free meal is involved- I’m speaking instead about the simplicity of the idea...

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Raspberries and Cream

July 20, 2009 • 5 Comments


The same ingredients. Two different recipes.


This week, Recipe Inside-Out focuses on two desserts made from the same grocery list: a frozen yogurt and a fool. Somewhat old-fashioned (and in my opinion under-appreciated), fool is a snap to whip up and can be made with virtually any type of fruit other than citrus. Try rhubarb in the spring, berries in the summer, and plum and persimmon in early and late fall.

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Ned Baldwin's Family Meal at Prune

July 8, 2009 • 0 Comments


How the staff eats at restaurants.

Ned Baldwin, sous chef at Prune Restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan, writes about one of his more successful family meals. I've eaten this stewed pork a few times, and let me tell you, it's amazing. Best served over white rice, to soak up all the delicious sauce, it's rich and hearty.  -Helen

There is little creativity in the world of the line cook; mostly the work is about rendering someone else’s vision as accurately as possible.  However in making family meal— the food cooked for the staff before service—the line cook has the opportunity to work out their own ideas, flex their muscles and if they’re lucky, impress colleagues and even their bosses...

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Lamb, Mint and Potatoes

June 24, 2009 • 0 Comments


The same ingredients. Two different recipes.


For this Recipe Inside-Out, I focused on the traditional combination of lamb and mint. The first preparation is simple and classic: a roast leg of lamb with mint sauce and some roasted potatoes. The second was inspired by another classic, Shepherd's Pie, but the flavor profile is quite different. Ground lamb with mint and lemon zest is crowned with a crisp layer of potato slices. 


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