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Specifics of baking

Any baking book I've read talks about how important it is to properly weigh (not measure) your flour because it's so easy to over or under measure the amounts you're using. I've noticed very few recipes actually have weighed amounts of flour or other ingredients. Since baking is so precise, I'm curious as to why more bakers don't show this information?

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Honeybee added over 2 years ago

Coz most home cooks don't have scales...but that's changing. king Arthur flour co recipes all have weights.

cookrg added over 2 years ago

You can find the conversion chart at http://www.kingarthurflour...

The Spiced Life added over 2 years ago

Agree with Honeybee--and must add I find it so annoying. I have less respect for baking books without weights--which is not to say I don't use them lol.

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