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What do you do with rabbit parts? Recently purchased a rabbit to cook in a paella and found it contained the liver and heart, etc. Don't want to discard but don't know what to do with them. They're waiting in the freezer. No cat or dog in our home.

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So nice of you; you beat me to it! Why not just sautee them in butter and have a little snack?

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Are you using the whole rabbit in the paella? If you're not, I found a couple of recipes that call for them, maybe you can halve or even quarter a recipe if you have rabbit left over.

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Damn, I would chop them up and saute them as part of the sofriget for the paella.

Per TiggyBee's comment, one of the only things the British are good at is using those parts. May I introduce you to Sir Haggis (lamb lights and oats), one of the world's oldest sausages.

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Thanks!! The rabbit is gone, but I can probably use a rabbit substitute and one of Tiggy Bee's references. Don't have any lamb lights but who knows what the future might hold?