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How do I make Swedish meatballs from scratch?

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Shalini added over 2 years ago

This recipe looks good: http://www.guardian.co...

mainecook61 added over 2 years ago

Cooks Illustrated has an excellent recipe.

java&foam added over 2 years ago

my two suggestions...since these meatballs have been showing up in magazines recently:

1) if you are a fan of the ones at ikea...i'd try this one. the test kitchen at food network magazine went to work to try to recreate the ones at ikea (since ikea has never published the recipe...the meatball recipe they issued in their cookbook isn't actually what they use in their restaurant).

2) saw this in bon-appetit a few months back, its the recipe from Smörgås Chef in New York's West Village.
i've personally made this recipe and it turned out quite good.

Hope this helps you!

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