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How long do I roast a 4lb chicken for?

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phyllis added over 2 years ago

I generally roast at 425 for between 50-60 mins. And then let it rest for 15 mins

creamtea added over 2 years ago

there are several ways to check for doneness: an instant-read thermometer (test in more than one place--from experience!) should read 165ยบ (some say 170); pierce with a skewer in breast meat to see if juices run clear/yellowish, no trace of pink; jiggle the legs, should be a little loose; and my favorite: lift carefully w/tongs to allow juices to drain in the pan. If they are still pink, roast longer. Having roasted my way through many chickens (about 1 per week), I usually run more than one test and the last really works well--for me anyway.

Chef KC added over 2 years ago
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I would roast it at around 325 or 350 for about 1.5 hours, then use a thermometer to be sure it is done. A lower temperature is better, if you cook it at a higher temp it will have a larger chance of turning out rubbery and tough. Low and slow is the way to go, it will always turn out better if you follow this rule.

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