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What is steelhead? Picked up my mistake thought I had salmon.

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added over 2 years ago

A fine substitution. Steelhead are trout that migrate to the ocean, just like their close relatives, the salmon.

SKK added over 2 years ago

We love steelhead and love fishing for them in season in the Snake and Salmon Rivers in Idaho. Amazing flavor and wonderful background. I find them fascinating.

Steelhead are rainbow trout and return to freshwater to span after two or three years at sea. Unlike salmon, they return to spawn several times, not just once. They are found in the Pacific Ocean. The steelhead that migrate to the ocean develop a slimmer profile, become more silvery in color, and typically grow much larger than the rainbow trout that remain in fresh water.

SKK added over 2 years ago

Forgot to add, they taste like salmon and can be cooked like salmon. Salmon and steelhead both eat krill, which gives them their colors. One of the great things about steelhead is that is sustainable. Monterey Aquarium has it on their list as not being overfished. And the cost is lower than salmon.

reedc added over 2 years ago

Could not believe the price . $4.99 a pound on sale. Could not believe it was not SalmonI have cooked it twice and perfect each time. Convection bake 375 19 mins for 2 pounds. I cook it uncovered with 5 turns of sea salt from a grinder and half lemon squeezed.

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