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Can I use milk in place of cream in Alfredo sauce?

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SeaJambon added about 2 years ago

You need the fat to get your desired result. Go cream.

lorigoldsby added about 2 years ago
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If you are in the process of cooking st home and no cream is at hand, you can use milk and a flour roux to thicken. SeaJambon is right...you need the fat in the cream for a thick, lucious sauce. BUT, if you are looking for a fix, use 2TBSP of butter and 2-3 TBSP of flour, make a bit if a roux, add milk. You need to cook the flour for a few minutes before adding your cheese...not as good, but "good enough" if in a pinch

SeaJambon added about 2 years ago

I totally agree with Lorigoldsby if you're in a pinch and unable to get to the store. Solid "emergency" rescue. :)

clover added about 2 years ago

Many thanks!


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added about 2 years ago

A note about Alfredo. Yes, it does require cream in the modern version. But although fettucine alfredo originated in Rome, the Romans have all but disowned it. There are places which will sell the dish to tourists who have fond memories of Olive Garden but hardly a single contemporary Roman cookbook bothers to mention it. It's origin is fettucine with "triple butter" which really is authentically Roman. A lot of butter and a lot of cheese and Romans do love fettucine.

hrosdail added about 2 years ago

You can use condensed milk, but it wouldn't taste as good...

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