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help, I need to tone down some chipotle/pineapple sauce, I think it is way too hot for my guests

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Mr_Vittles added about 2 years ago

Please add some kind of fat if possible (i.e. sour cream, greek yogurt), if not possible, add more pineapple. Also, extra milk standing by would not hurt.

thirdchild added about 2 years ago

Adding some kind of starch can also help. Prepare a little pouch of cheescloth with a couple tablespoons of flour. Tie up the cheesecloth and swirl it around in the heated sauce. One could also add rice or beans which can tone it down, although that solution would be better in a stew sort of dish, rather than pineapple-chipotle. Good luck!

babytiger added about 2 years ago

Sweetness helps tone down heat. Add some sugar.

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