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Can canned yellow sweet corn be substituted for canned hominy?

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innoabrd added about 2 years ago

No, totally different thing. Hominy is made from dried field corn (ie. the non-sweet kind) which has been treated with lye. Completely different flavour and texture, I'm afraid. What are you making and where are you?

LivB added about 2 years ago

Posole and I've never seen canned hominy in Europe, I'll have to search for a Latin store. Thanks though!!

innoabrd added about 2 years ago

Depending on where you are, you might get lucky with a Latin store. Huge South American population in the UK, so there must be a source for Goya brand stuff somewhere, and even if you don't find canned, you might find it dry, you'll just need to adjust the recipe. I actually made hominy the last time I did posole. Kind of a pain, but then I have a source for dried field corn. I actually had someone grow blue indian corn for me. (I kind of have a farm in Africa...). You might try asking for the corn if you have a farmer's market. The actual process to make it into hominy involves lime, which you might find at a pharmacy/chemist, and can be googled pretty easily.

jmburns added about 2 years ago

You might look for it dried rather than canned I have found here that way.

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