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Fastest Way to Ripen Plantains for Pan Frying?

Is there a faster way to ripen plantains?

I've had 2 in a paper bag for a week waiting for them to get black, and they're barely changing at all! They're for pan frying for a recipe

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Panfusine added about 2 years ago

maybe add a regular ripe Cavendish Banana to the bag. The ethylene may speed up ripening...

GIOVANNI50 added about 2 years ago

Remember you have to wait until the peel is at least 50% black to get the nice sweet flavor from them. Just be patient. I would take them out of the bag and place in an airy place. That's how they are handled in the Caribbean.

Cookie16 added about 2 years ago

Good to know! I've become so impatient, but I guess I'd better use the other ingredients I bought for this recipe and wait!

Yes you do want the ethylene gas to speed up the ripening. In that vein then, add some other ripening fruit. Probably best to use some organic variety since they are less likely to have been sprayed. Also try refrigeration bananas and plaintains respond rather well to this.

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