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What's a simple delicious fresh pasta dish?

I want an idea for dinner for my anniversary tonight!

asked by Zac Cerqueda about 4 years ago
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Try Smitten Kitchen's recipe for artichoke ravioli!

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I love this summery, lemony pasta: http://www.jamieoliver...


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First Night in Florence Spaghetti!

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Quick pasta recipes are my middle name....well, practically. Pesto is always a winner (http://meatballsandmilkshakes...), and I like to sometimes make this avocado version: http://meatballsandmilkshakes...

My personal favorites are always linguini with clams or carbonara, I make them all the time: http://meatballsandmilkshakes...

A couple nights ago I made this with leftover cabbage and it was wonderful: http://meatballsandmilkshakes...

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Carbonara !

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Angel hair
Good evo
Fresh toms
Fresh basil and fresh garlic s&p


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This is too late for your anniversary, but maybe you can save it for when the mint threatens to overtake your garden. The combination of ingredients sounds improbably, but it's delicious. The original recipe (long lost because you don't really need a recipe) came from Basilicata, Italy's southernmost region.

Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Freshly cooked pasta

Chop an onion, some garlic and a few slices of bacon. Fry the bacon in a heavy frying pan, remove the bacon bits but leave the fat in the pan. If necessary, and it most likely will be, add olive oil and then the onion. Fry until it becomes translucent, then add the garlic and fry a few seconds until fragrant. Season with a bit of salt and pepper.

Peel a hunk of horseradish and grate.

Remove leaves from mint until you have a good handful or two. Chop coarsely.

Add the horseradish and mint to the onion mixture, cook until hot.

Toss with freshly-cooked pasta and top with grated pecorino.

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Cooked pasta toss with olive oil and grated cheese (season with salt and pepper or chili flake to taste). Top with a fried (or poached) egg and toasted breadcrumbs.